Princeton Google Workspace Account

Faculty, staff, and graduate students admitted prior to Fall 2019 can request a Princeton Google Workspace account for access to Google Drive and Google Sites. Email and calendaring services are provided through the University’s Microsoft Exchange system. Please Note: Undergraduates and Graduate Students are automatically provisioned with Google accounts and so should not use this form.

Princeton Google accounts require multifactor authentication with Duo. Password resets are no longer required.

Google Drive
Create, share, and collaborate on documents in real-time. More about Google Drive.

Google Sites
For creating simple web sites. More about Google Sites.

Important Note:
If in the past you created a personal Google account using your email address, when you next attempt to login to that account you will be notified that you have a conflicting account and asked to change the email address on your personal Google account to an email address other than your address. Google has created a brief video explaining this scenario and the process for changing your email address.

Request Google Workspace Account


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